Spinning is such a wonderful tool for Ecstatic Dance. I believe that getting your head moving encourages trance states. It's good to learn to execute disorienting moves while staying solid on your feet. This is especially so if you enjoy festival situations where you may be dancing in darkness on uneven ground.

Here is one practice I recommend as a warm-up, or a mediation, or a new way of getting intimate with the music; especially slow music...
(note:if you get dizzy, it helps to spin in the opposite direction for one turn)

In a nice clear space (nothing close by you might trip over or fall on) just start a simple spin to a slow, sweet piece of music.
Don't try to focus on anything specific, just pay a little attention to the angle of the blur of the room, so that if it changes abruptly, you know the floor is headed right at you.
After you feel like you've got a handle on this, try inclining your upper body to one side, then the other. Go on to barrel turn tilts. Get your arms involved.
Move on to getting your head moving with the spin, at first just leaning into it a little; then, progressing to full circles of the head.

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