There are certain activities that don't leave room in the brain for the "monkey mind's" chatter. This chatter goes on constantly and keeps us from focusing and reacting in a pure way to our environment. Dancing, drumming, sex, chanting, and sports are great ways of quieting the monkey mind without passive meditation. These activities also give the extra bonus of boosting our spirits. When one learns to improvise dance, the feeling is akin to flying. The goal is to allow your body to react, without thought, to the music. This is a pure thing. This is a joyous thing. This is an important life lesson. When the music hits you, you don't have time to consult your ego and ask it, "shall I pose with one arm up and do a little shimmy?" You let the music toss you around.

There are three elements to Ecstatic Dance that come into play here... technique, inspiration, and response. (By response, I mean the ability to listen to the music and react to it without conscious thought.) Oddly enough, I feel that technique is the least important element to Ecstatic Dance. I've seen kids on the floor of a rock club getting way farther than many very accomplished professional dancers. If you are a dancer that just wants to be able to improvise, I hope to help you here. But, it is my sincerest hope that I can help every dancer find their own style and blow their dancing and their minds wide open!
The secret to learning is to give your body a repertoire of movements to draw from; then find the music, costumes, and environment that inspires you and lifts you off the ground.

So...this site is divided accordingly into 3 sections. You need not start at the beginning. It is not linear.
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There are different ecstatic states that we will attempt to address here including...
Pure Flowing- This is what I call that spontaneous reaction to the music that I am most inclined towards.
Trance by repetitive movement- Most often found in tribal dances
Catharsis- Dancing hard to the point of exhaustion and cleansing of the mind
Specific emotion- invoking happiness or sexiness or stregnth ect),
Religious ecstacy- a rather broad catagory
Kef, or love of the tribe (Kef is a Balkan word meaning that joy you feel celebrating with family or community, usually involving dance)
Worship or prayer,
Pain induced trance

Perhaps, if you've never felt any kind of dance high before, you might consider which
of these you might be most open to, and try to invoke it specifically.

One tool I intend to use extensively on this site is Inspirational Images.
Sometimes, when I need to get an idea planted deep in my mind, I create an graphic with sublimated text and appropriate images.
They could be printed out an glanced at many time during your day.
At times, I may suggest songs available on i-tunes to go with them.
Here is an example. (I would suggest Peter Gabriel's "Salisbury Hill" to go with)

Finally, this site will always be a work in progress. No page is ever finished.

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