Musings on the Difficulties of Teaching Ecstatic Dance

How do you teach improvisation?
It may help you to know how I got started myself. I had no choice but to improvise. I had a few lessons with a teacher in Chicago in 1985. I had to quit to have my daughter and then we moved to the middle of nowhere. All I had a chance to learn was isolations of the different body parts. After awhile, friends started coming out to my land on weekends. Since it was so far out from town, they'd camp, we'd build a fire and play music and drum. I kept practicing those isolations til one night, it all clicked and I was a dancer. Just like that. Certainly, I wasn't ready to perform professionally, but I could let my body flow with the music.
So...this is how I teach improvisation, because it worked so well for me...
Give your body a repertoire of movements to draw on (technique); find the music and costumes that make you want to dance (inspiration); and let the music effect you as it Will (response).

There is no curriculuum here. there is no order. there is only a collection of
exercises, information, and inspiration that I hope will help you get where you want to be.
If you are new to belly dance, there is a little crash course for you *here*

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