This is a silly but effective exercise I call
Dances with Furniture

Put on some music that you like that is of a medium tempo.
You are going to dance for the objects in your living room. (or wherever you practice)
That lamp is someone you'd like to take home. Slink on over there and dance a flirty dance at that sexy lamp. Seduce it.
That couch is your parents. (violent mood swing!) Travel over there and dance for it as you might for them.
That overstuffed armchair over there is some chick you feel catty towards. Flounce on over to it and give it a good dis-ing.
That doorway is your best friend...etc.

The point is to bring out emotion and expression. Your face is as capable of dance as the rest of your body; and your body should be able to express emotion as well as your face does.
In fact, we could combine this exercise with another we'll be covering. In that exercise, you see just how much you can do with one single body part. See just how much of a dance you can do with just that one part. Try it with a shoulder, a hand, a hip, ribcage, or...for the really advanced...just your eyes. (watch the Bollywood dancers for inspiration there.)

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