Your Default Move

I think everyone who is improvising has, what I call a "default move". This is the move that is lurking in the back of your mind and comes out when you haven't figured out what move you are going to do next. This is good and bad.
Your default move may change periodically. Right now, my default move is an undulation on a diagonal. It's the move that shows up most often in my dance right now, and that I fall back on if I need a moment to regroup.
That's the good side of it. The bad side comes if you are doing it too much, making your dance monotonous. This is where it is useful to videotape yourself. Watching the tape, you should spot your default move pretty quick. Then, as you watch, ask yourself if you are doing it too much. Then, ask yourself if you think it is an impediment to response to the music without thought.
If you feel that you are doing your default too often, you should make a conscious effort to alter that. Just being aware of it will really help.
You don't need to stop doing that move altogether. It can help to avoid it for a couple practice sessions. It can also help to try to replace it with another move. Just like getting rid of a commercial jingle or bad song that gets stuck in your head, the best remedy is to listen to something else to replace it.

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