Under the heading of Inspiration, costuming figures pretty prominately. It's hard to get inpired wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, at least for belly dance. If you're at a rave, it hardly matters. But, especially in the early stages of your work on bringing out your ecstatic dance, what you wear can greatly influence your dance.

As much as I love my tons of Kuchi metal, when I really want to fly, it's got to come off. I was even told once of a dancer that had a tooth chipped by a swinging pendant during a trance dance.
When you have a chance to dance in situation with good energy, lose anything that might be an incubrance. Please don't go home saying to yourself, "that was some good music. I was really into it, but I just couldn't get things going in this outfit. I sure looked good, though."

You should consider your dancing surface and choose appropriate footware. If you've got a Marley floor, or a hardwood floor, or some other nice smooth surface, bare feet are fine. If you are on carpet, rough cement, the ground outside, or other difficult surface, visit a shop that sells Capezio or other dance shoes. There are some really good dance boots out there that I like to wear with my gypsy costumes. If you've got to have heels, check out the DanceSport models.

Hip scarves and belts are more than decoration. They help to show the movements of the hips better. Alot of dancers also feel that the weight of the belts and skirts and the sound of the coins is inspiring. Adding flouncy scarves or tassles at the sides of the hips accentuates your hip movements and adds visual interest. You will find yourself working actively with these costume elements as you dance.

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