Catharsis or katharsis ( Ancient Greek ???a?s?? ) is a Greek word meaning "cleansing" or "purging". It is derived from the infinitive verb of Ancient Greek ?a?a??e?? transliterated as kathairein "to purify, purge," and adjective Ancient Greek ?a?a??? katharos "pure or clean."

The good news is, that it takes no skill to achieve a cathartic state.
Kids at a rave (no drugs necessary either) get a cathartic experience, simply flinging themselves freely in response to the music. Certainly, there are dance styles that lend themselves to this pursuit better than others.
Some styles of African dance are especially good because they use the whole body in large movements.
We tend to store so much tension and stress in our muscles. Think of how often a negative emotion causes you to clench your jaw, or tighten your shoulders.
Babatunde Olatunji made some great recordings that you cannot help but dance to. Go to google and enter "how to" "African dance" and hit that video button. One of the wonderful things about African styles is that you can just learn about 3 moves and it's all you need to feel some very possitive effects.

Flamenco takes much more study, but I believe it offers a different flavor for it's catharsis.
The joyous music of Olatunji is polar opposite to the heart wrenching Deep Song. (There are Flamenco styles that are joyous, but this discussion is of catharsis) You will not find a country western song half so tragic as the tales of the Romany cantaor. But, the dancer comes out and owns that extreme tragedy with grace and pride. She will not be kept down, but struggles with those demons. See "Gathering the Fire" for an exercise.

I will post more on the subject of catharis later.

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